Whaley Bridge Bowling Club
League Fixtures 2019

Buxton and District A
Division 1

22nd Apr H Chapel Park B  
29th Apr A Fairfield B  
6th May H Peak Dale A  
13th May A Tideswell  
27th May A Burbage  
3rd Jun A Chapel Park A  
10th Jun H Fairfield A  
24th Jun A Furness Vale A  
1st Jul H Hope Works  
8th Jul A Birch Hall  
22nd Jul A Peak Dale A  
29th Jul H Tideswell  
12th Aug H Burbage  
19th Aug H Chapel Park A  
26th Aug A Fairfield A  
2nd Sep H Furness Vale A  
9th Sep A Hope Works  
16th Sep H Birch Hall  
23rd Sep A Chapel Park B  
30th Sep H Fairfield B  

Buxton and District B
Division 2

22nd Apr A Ram's Head  
29th Apr H Buxton Park A  
6th May A Peak Dale B  
13th May H Ashwood Park  
20th May A Trades Hall  
3rd Jun H Buxton Park B  
10th Jun A Cote Heath  
24th Jun H Furness Vale B  
1st Jul A Bradwell  
8th Jul H Glossop  
22nd Jul H Peak Dale B  
29th Jul A Ashwood Park  
5th Aug H Trades Hall  
19th Aug A Buxton Park B  
26th Aug H Cote Heath  
2nd Sep A Furness Vale B  
9th Sep H Bradwell  
16th Sep A Glossop  
23rd Sep H Ram's Head  
30th Sep A Buxton Park A  

North Derbyshire Vets A
Division 1

4th Apr A Chapel Park 80 168
11th Apr H Buxton Park A 137 114
16th Apr H Fairfield 136 148
25th Apr H Hadfield A  
2nd May A Tintwistle  
9th May H New Mills  
16th May A High Lane A  
23rd May H Manor Park  
30th May A Romiley Arms  
6th Jun H Glossop A  
13th Jun A Spring Gardens A  
27th Jun H Chapel Park  
4th Jul A High Lane B  
11th Jul H Tintwistle  
18th Jul A New Mills  
25th Jul H High Lane A  
1st Aug A Manor Park  
8th Aug H Romiley Arms  
15th Aug A Glossop A  
22nd Aug H Spring Gardens A  
5th Sep A Hadfield A  
12th Sep A Fairfield  
19th Sep A Buxton Park A  
26th Sep H High Lane B  

North Derbyshire Vets B
Division 2

4th Apr H Ram's Head 78 144
11th Apr A Buxton Park B 80 164
18th Apr H Ashwood Park 141 124
25th Apr A Hadfield B  
2nd May H Cote Heath  
9th May A Peak Dale  
16th May H Burbage  
23rd May A Trades Hall  
30th May H Furness Vale  
6th Jun A Glossop B  
13th Jun H Spring Gardens B  
27th Jun A Ram's Head  
4th Jul H High Lane C  
11th Jul A Cote Heath  
18th Jul H Peak Dale  
25th Jul A Burbage  
1st Aug H Trades Hall  
8th Aug A Furness Vale  
15th Aug H Glossop B  
22nd Aug A Spring Gardens B  
5th Sep H Hadfield B  
12th Sep A Ashwood Park  
19th Sep H Buxton Park B  
24th Sep A High Lane C  

North Derbyshire A
Division 1

17th Apr A High Lane A 152 186
24th Apr A Chapel Park A  
1st May H Peak Dale  
8th May A Burbage  
22nd May H Great Moor  
29th May A Romiley Arms  
5th Jun H High Lane A  
12th Jun H Spring Gardens  
19th Jun A Fairfield A  
3rd Jul H New Mills  
10th Jul A New Mills  
17th Jul A Peak Dale  
24th Jul H Burbage  
7th Aug A Great Moor  
14th Aug H Romiley Arms  
21st Aug H Chapel Park A  
4th Sep A Spring Gardens  
11th Sep H Fairfield A  

North Derbyshire B
Division 2

17th Apr H High Lane B  
24th Apr H Chapel Park B  
1st May A Trades Hall  
8th May H Ram's Head  
22nd May A Furness Vale  
29th May H Hadfield  
5th Jun A High Lane B  
12th Jun A Tideswell  
19th Jun H Fairfield B  
3rd Jul A Birch Hall  
10th Jul H Birch Hall  
17th Jul H Trades Hall  
24th Jul A Ram's Head  
7th Aug H Furness Vale  
14th Aug A Hadfield  
21st Aug A Chapel Park B  
4th Sep H Tideswell  
11th Sep A Fairfield B  

High Peak Mixed Pairs
Division 2

30th Apr A Trades Hall  
7th May H Trades Hall  
14th May A Ram's Head  
21st May A High Lane  
4th Jun H Glossop  
11th Jun H Manor Park  
18th Jun A Glossop  
25th Jun A Disley Rams  
2nd Jul H Ram's Head  
9th Jul H High Lane  
23rd Jul H Disley Rams  
30th Jul A Manor Park  

High Peak Round Robin
Division 2

6th Aug H Glossop  
13th Aug A Manor Park  
20th Aug H Trades Hall  
27th Aug A High Lane  
3rd Sep H Disley Rams  
17th Sep H Ram's Head  

North Derbyshire Lady Vets
Division B

1st May A High Lane  
8th May H Ramblers  
15th May A Trades Hall  
22nd May H Furness Vale  
5th Jun H Rams Head  
12th Jun A Birch Hall  
19th Jun H Fairfield Grans  
3rd Jul H High Lane  
10th Jul A Ramblers  
17th Jul H Trades Hall  
24th Jul A Furness Vale  
7th Aug A Rams Head  
14th Aug H Birch Hall  
21st Aug A Fairfield Grans  

North Derbyshire Ladies A
Division A

18th Apr A Buxton Park A 131 147
25th Apr H Chapel Park A  
2nd May H Ashwood Park  
9th May A Fairfield B  
23rd May A High Lane A  
30th May H Tintwistle  
6th Jun A Buxton Park B  
13th Jun H Glossop  
20th Jun A Fairfield A  
27th Jun H High Lane B  
4th Jul A High Lane B  
11th Jul H Buxton Park A  
18th Jul A Chapel Park A  
25th Jul A Ashwood Park  
1st Aug H Fairfield B  
15th Aug H High Lane A  
22nd Aug A Tintwistle  
29th Aug H Buxton Park B  
5th Sep A Glossop  
12th Sep H Fairfield A  

North Derbyshire Ladies B
Division B

18th Apr H Peak Dale 147 114
25th Apr A Chapel Park B  
16th May A Birch Hall  
23rd May H Ram's Head A  
30th May A Great Rocks  
6th Jun H Trades Hall  
13th Jun A Fairfield C  
20th Jun H Furness Vale  
27th Jun A Ram's Head B  
4th Jul H Ram's Head B  
11th Jul A Peak Dale  
18th Jul H Chapel Park B  
8th Aug H Birch Hall  
15th Aug A Ram's Head A  
22nd Aug H Great Rocks  
29th Aug A Trades Hall  
5th Sep H Fairfield C  
12th Sep A Furness Vale  

Stockport and District
Division A

2nd Apr H Victoria 1 7 7.5
9th Apr A Poynton Sports 1 6 9
16th Apr H Grapes Hotel 1 4 12
23rd Apr A Hadfield  
30th Apr H Great Moor 1  
14th May A Woodley Sports 1  
21st May H Houldsworth 2  
28th May H New Mills 1  
11th Jun A Houldsworth 1  
18th Jun H Nursery 1  
25th Jun A George & Dragon 1  
9th Jul H George & Dragon 1  
16th Jul A Nursery 1  
23rd Jul H Houldsworth 1  
30th Jul A New Mills 1  
6th Aug A Houldsworth 2  
13th Aug H Woodley Sports 1  
20th Aug A Great Moor 1  
27th Aug H Hadfield  
3rd Sep A Grapes Hotel 1  
10th Sep H Poynton Sports 1  
17th Sep A Victoria 1  

07:32 22nd April